Launceston - TAS - viewed looking north towards the city and up the Tamar river.

Artisa is an artisan plant-based cheese manufacturer located in beautiful Launceston, Tasmania. We make a range of plant-based cheese-board style cheeses using cashews as the core ingredient. We supplement them with a range of Tasmanian produce and flavours. Traditional fermentation and ripening methods used to create cheeses that are authentic in flavor and texture. The result is beautifully crafted and great tasting cheeses where no food modifiers, additional colourings, flavourings, or preservatives are used. Each cheese made receives individual attention and care to produce cheeses that are rightfully unique - ones you can be both confident and proud to serve to all your family and friends.

Artisa believes a more widespread adoption of plant-based nutrition is crucial to all our futures.  By making delicious  and healthy plant-based cheeses,  Artisa hopes to show that  a plant-based diet does not mean having to go without.

Artisa also believes that for businesses to survive and thrive in the future that their responsibilities must move beyond simply making a profit for their shareholders. Every business requires both society and the environment to even exist and as such not only is there a moral imperative to act responsibly and sustainably, it also makes good sense. In this Artisa endeavours to take a triple bottom line approach to sustainability (financial, social, environmental) in all of its daily operations and dealings.

About the Founders 

Artisa's founder, Julie, is a passionate foodie with a PhD in molecular biology. After more than 20 years involvement in scientific research and development she moved to Tasmania and began looking for opportunities where she could indulge in her foodie interests and apply her skills, experience and ongoing interest in science. As a vegan, she knew the frustration of not being able to find a nice substitute for dairy cheese and also appreciated that not been able to eat cheese was one of things most people transitioning to a plant-based diet missed the most. Sensing that this was a problem looking for a solution that she might have part in Julie turned soon her considerable research and development skills and foodie interests into researching and developing ways to making plant-based cheese, especially those that might incorporate some of the amazing Tasmanian produce she was experiencing. And the rest as they say, is history.



Julie's partner Roger has experience and a keen interest in sustainable agriculture and nutrient-dense food production. He assists Artisa in production, plant maintenance and admin.