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Plant based cheese - for all lovers of cheese

Cheese that not only looks and tastes great,
it's good for you!

Our cheeses

Artisa cheeses are real cheeses, crafted using traditional cheesemaking methods with only natural plant based ingredients used. They are cultured using a dairy free starter and cared for as they age to create products that are both exciting and unique.

We make our cheeses as simply as we can. Just cashews, water, Tasmanian sea salt and culture at their most basic. We let the cultures do the work. No laundry lists of additives to make them taste or look good, they already do!

We add the flavours of Tasmania to provide that something extra – glorious pepperberry, fragrant fennel pollen foraged from along the Derwent River, umami rich black garlic, applewood for smoking and vine ash made from spray free Tasmanian grapevines.

You can choose Artisa cheeses with confidence. You will be proud to share them with your family and friends. They look good, taste good and are good for you. These are cheeses that get you talking!

What people are saying

"Had to force myself stop eating it so that there’s still some left for tomorrow”

Karen S Facebook, September 2019

What people are saying

"(re Ben Lomond cheese) Had some last night with onion jam and crackers – delicious! ”

Liz S- Facebook March 2019

What people are saying

" all my non vegan family (who hated biocheese and the like) say it’s even nicer than dairy cheese

Jouliana B from an Instagram feed

What people are saying

'The owner of this vegan cheese shop knows what she is doing! The best vegan cheese I’ve had in all of Australia.”

Sappho and Ryan via email June 2018, Chloe D - Google review April 2020

What people are saying

“Well done Julie, it’s great to see people so passionate about what they believe in.”

Tracey H -Facebook

You can be confident sharing Artisa cheese with family and friends.

Recent News

Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Award 2021


Awarded to The Derwent cheese in the Plant Based Products category. This cheese also won a GOLD Medal for category Plant Based Products; Vegan Cheese in the same competititon.

Our "Rosie" cashew chevre was also awarded a GOLD medal, and the Gladstone, Tasman Black and Freycinet all received SILVER medals.